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    On Site Custom Carving

    An onsite carving is a wonderful way to add beauty and value to your home or cabin. When you commission I Saw It In Minnesota to do an onsite carving, Joe or Ben will come and meet with you evaluate your tree(s) and work with you to come up with a design to fit your landscape. We want to make sure that both the tree and the design will work together. We can do large scale carvings over 15 feet tall to smaller scale carvings just a few feet high. It is a great way to memorialize a long living tree with sentimental value.

    After a design and a price are decided upon you will be added to the carver’s schedule and weather permitting work will begin. We guarantee our work. If you do not like your carving you will not have to pay, we will cut it off at the base and take it with us-


    That is what your satisfaction means to us.
    If you’ve been thinking about having a tree in your yard carved please contact us using the form below, our schedule fills up quickly during the summer months and we want to make every effort to accommodate you

    Custom Carving at our shop

    Our custom carvings can be found all over The United States. Because of the skill and craftsman ship I Saw It In Minnesota has to offer we can create the most unique sculptures available. Your imagination is our playground. Let us take your idea and bring it to life. Contact us today for a quote!

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