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    Our carvings are handcrafted; there for each one will have variations that make it one of a kind. Here you will find our most popular carvings, but if you would like something other than what you find here, please use our Custom Order page.


    Carvings do crack and check. This is the nature of a log as it dries out and ages. Natural cracking and checking adds character and natural beauty to a piece. We do take precautions to help minimize the effects of the drying out process. We use logs that have been cut for a year, so some of the drying is already done.


    Relief cuts are made to some carvings in inconspicuous areas so that they will get larger or smaller instead of cracking in front.

    Additionally each piece has been thoroughly soaked in Total Wood Preservative to help the log maintain its moisture content and to protect from outside moisture and rot. We then paint over the TWP. Applying an annual coat of TWP over the entire carving will help your carving last for a very long time.

  • All Items are sold through Etsy!

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    We offer in store pick up and our customers are encouraged to come and see us. We do our best to find the least expensive way to ship your carving when picking it up isn't an option. If you live with in the SpeeDee delivery area it makes shipping a carving very affordable. The price of shipping will be billed separately. For a quote before your purchase email us anytime or call us during our business hours at 763-286-4642.

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